99% of all private companies in the UK are SMEs, a market growing rapidly and already turning over £1.9tn per annum. One of the major concerns for any company, is cost control and cashflow, even more so if you’re an SME. Here at FTF Solutions we are constantly looking to find new and innovative ways of reducing the costs for your business. The current portfolio of cost saving services includes :

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As well as cost savings there are many services every business would like to perform more efficiently where possible. These can improve accessing finance, procuring various categories better, or automating business processes. Here at FTF Solutions we believe that a pragmatic approach to service delivery is key to not over-reaching and ensuring results are delivered consistently, cost effectively and in a timely manner.

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Every business in the UK is legally obligated to safeguard their premises by certifying they are compliant. Many of these services can be combined to not only ensure your compliance, but to deliver cost savings too. Whether its PAT Testing, Fixed Wire, Emergency Lighting, Fire Extinguisher Testing or Air Conditioning and even Lightning Protection, FTF Solutions can help reduce risks and keep you compliant.

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