Thank you for showing interest in FTF Solutions.

As one of the fastest growing ethical sales forces in the UK we are constantly looking for highly motivated, self-employed salespeople wanting to earn over £57,000 every year. But for some, having a better understanding of what it takes to do the job is an understandable part of your decision making process. With this in mind, here are some details of the core services we offer, along with the average commissions our existing sales people earn and a short video from our MD. After reviewing this information and if you are interested in moving forward, please fill in the registration form to join our our team. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Richard and the team have all been very supportive and approachable with any questions I’ve had, from the training day through to my first deal and are continuing to support me now whenever I need it.
— Emma Chisholm, Brighouse
This is my first job, so having the right amount of support has been really important to me. Not only has FTF helped with training, but also with my confidence in general.
— Riley Hull, Morecambe
My experience with Face to Face Solutions has been a very positive one. They have managed to reduce the amount of admin that I need to do by a huge margin which means I am free to get on with what I do best – make sales. The admin team at head office do most of the work for me which frees up more time for me to self-generate more sales calls. If I need a bit of assistance, they come out with me on joint appointments to help improve my sales technique so that I can make more money. My first sale earned me £450, and all I had to do was fill out a one page form, email it in with a customer proof and await my commission. I’ll stay with Face to Face Solutions for a long time. They have my back.
— Rebecca Bowden, Edinburgh
The FTF team are very supportive and always respond to you promptly. It’s a very professional outfit and they keep things simple. They’ve given me all the tools I need to succeed, they’re a joy to work with.
— Peter Fletcher, East London

Why ftf solutions ?

  • High earnings opportunities from the ability to sell multiple services every visit

    • 4 core services

    • 15 compliance services coming in the next 4 weeks

  • Transparency in costs, admin & commissions

  • Hands-off sales process enables more sales to be made every day

  • Ethical attitude = fairness & long term view of your career and customer value

  • Support, training & development. Including Video Training and Shadowing (we call it a Springboard Day) to get you active and earning commission within your first couple of weeks


Merchant Services

According to the UK Cards Association roughly 70% of card payments come from debit cards and 30% from credit cards.  The industry is set for significant growth, with total card payment volumes expected to rise from 14.3 billion payments in 2016 to 21.9 billion in 2026.  Against this backdrop, the merchant account and payment processing industry in the UK is rife with wilful complexity, ambiguity and mis-direction. Coupled with unethical selling, poor customer engagement and aftercare.  Given this the main drivers for the SME market are;

  • Cost reduction

  • Better service – particularly the Faster Payments

  • Technology refresh (new Terminals)

  • Working with a partner that truly cares about their business

Merchant finance

FTF has developed the Business Cash Advance (BCA), funded via their Merchant card terminals.  Essentially, we purchase future card takings and advance the merchant anything between 100-250% of their average monthly card takings.  Based on the advanced amount and other factors including the agreed split, the customer is given a fixed monthly cost of finance. Main drivers are;

  • Rapid access to funds (2-3 days after application)

  • Simply repayment model

  • Working with a partner that truly cares about their business


Energy prices are raising at an alarming rate. Domestic switching has become common place, however corporate switching is more difficult and being hit harder by the price rises (estimated at 38% per year).  The industry is also bombarding companies with telesales calls which are rapidly becoming ineffective.  FTF’s approach provides a service to secure today’s energy rates for Electricity, Gas and Water for as many as 5 years.  What’s more, we can even secure today’s rate when the contract end date is as much as 12 months in the future. Main drivers are;

  • New Face To Face approach to really discuss the customers requirements and support them

  • Ability to lock in today’s prices and insulate the customer from the impending price rises

  • Switching for Gas, Electricity and Water

  • Working with a partner that truly cares about their business

the average commission

It is vitally important we set the expectation of our sales people correctly.  That is why this Commission Structure revolves around £57,000 per year, because this is achievable by all sales people, of any level of experience and knowledge; you just need to put in the effort.

Here’s how that is made up;

  • Average Deal = £419 commission, based on;

    • Average Merchant Services Deal (based on a single Terminal deal for a 4 year term)

    • Average Energy Deal (Small to medium Retail store for Electricity and Gas)

    • Average Merchant Finance (£17,000 borrowed)

  • Average Deals per week = 3

  • Average weeks worked per year = 46

Richard Shine, MD, FTF Solutions