Face To Face Service Solutions Limited (FTF Solutions) are an Independent Sales Organisation with a difference!  We believe in customer service, ensuring the customer gets the best prices, most relevant services and the best possible experience, delivered using the latest technology that we are developing specifically for the task.  Therefore we don’t bombard customers with relentless telesales, we engage them, face-to-face, consultatively, to understand how we can help them and then we deliver, first time, every time.  We do this via a team of well trained sales people, trained in-house and supported every step of the way.  We provide sales with not one service they can sell, but four, with another 6 services being added in April 2019.  We are looking for enthusiastic, driven sales people to join our team on a commission only basis.  If you think you have what it takes, then please complete the form below.

“Great sales people in need a skill set unlike any other role in the company and one which has changed significantly over the past 10 years;  they must be Personable at multiple levels and be able to engage many different personas - technical, commercial, buyers and decision makers, they have to be Intelligent with the ability to think on their feet, however this is useless unless they can Listen with Empathy and then have the Motivation and Discipline to follow up with Respectful, Polite, Persistence.  Combined with being Open to Learning New Things, they will have the ability to deliver high levels of revenue for their business, consistently over many years and  create significant wealth for themselves. The Right Team is Everything - These are the values I look for in a Sales Person” - Richard Shine, Managing Director, FTF Solutions.


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