“The face to face approach of FTF meant I could discuss what I needed and cover off all of my questions in the comfort of my own business. The onboarding process was also a lot easier than I expected and the quality of staff, lighting and service has been top notch” - Jas Kular, Owner / Manager



Grimsargh Village Store

Preston based Grimsargh Village Store wanted to both improve the look of their lighting and reduce their electricity bills. Having heard of FTF Solutions’ reputation for honest, open dealings across a range of services, they reached out for a meeting.

After a consultation, FTF recommended an LED upgrade which Jas agreed to be implemented in line with his planned renovation. Following the implementation Grimsargh Village Store achieved a whopping 67% saving in lighting bills! Which once realised, Jas asked FTF Solutions to review both his Energy Supply and Merchant Card Payment services.

FTF Solutions were able to deliver a full 3 year contract for energy, reducing his renewal price by 6 pence per Kwh, locked in for 3 years. In addition, the cost of processing cards was reduced by over £78 per month.