Making a difference
FOR SME’s everywhere

To put it simply we provide good, innovative and transparent services.

Face To Face Service Solutions Limited (FTF) believe that through the combination of good people and innovative technology, you can bring total transparency, the highest levels of service with unparalleled customer experience and still deliver control and cost savings in all aspects of service, something that has eluded nearly every B2B service provider in the UK and beyond.

One of the biggest areas of concern for most SMEs is finance, closely followed by cost control. Here at FTF we believe that providing robust and straight forward access to finance is an asset most business owners would welcome. If we can then provide a series of ongoing cost saving measures, all underpinned with an easy to use, transparent, technology-based approach to delivering those services, then FTF would have a value proposition so high, we could change the industry for good.

So that is exactly what we have done.

With many more services planned throughout 2019, FTF are already delivering value to hundreds of SMEs across the UK.



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